The Pilot Episode – What Are You Connected To?

In this pilot episode of The Connected Conversation, going to go deep into the core question of our times, that many people are simply not asking and we suffer a great deal because of it.This question, when you ask from a mindful, sensitive place – is exceptionally powerful and can change the way you interact with others and the world. Ordinary conversations can become extraordinary experiencesAnd that question is “What are you connected to?”What are you connected to when you’re talking with someone?
What are you connect to when you’re taking a shower?
What are you connect to when you’re driving in the car or on a walk?Is it the daily rumble of getting through the tasks of the day? Anexity about what happens next? Worried about what to say next in a conversation? Who can blame you! Right? We live in crazy times. We’re used to being connected to our stress, worries, plans, fears, hurts, and other “inner experiences” that are AT ALL what we’re actually experiencing in the moment.The experience your BODY is having in shower is often very different than one your mind is having. That’s a great example of the what we consider “normal.” And there is huge impact of being discconected from your “felt senses.”And so what passes as “normal” in this world is not actually healthy for people. That’s why there is an epidemic of burnout, loneliness, discconection, and isolation. People are tired of working in meaningless jobs that overwork them for too little.This must end if we’re going to have a just and caring life that we all desire. If you want to connect to deeper meaning that informs your path and fills you heart.And there is a way.That is what we’re talking about in “The Connected Conversation.” A conversation that connects us to deeper mearning in our world.Call in! Or let us know your thoughts.You can find out more about the show and sign up for the giveaways at The Connected ConversationIf you’re a coach or other helping professional, check out Brett’s Mindful-Somatic Coach training – The Mindful Coach MethodWatch the show live on Facebook!

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