Talking Heads, the spirit in exile, and finding your authentic voice are part of this Language of Mindfulness episode where you’ll hear from personal brand architect, speaker development guru, and all-around great guy TUCKER STINE – who said:

“Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself that you’re living someone else’s story? At the age of 40, I had an epiphany, well you could say a crisis of sorts. If I wanted to impact people the way I always imagined, help others, and find authentic happiness, I had to do one thing. At that moment, the only thing I had to change was everything.”

From that moment he pivoted to help people turn their stories into powerful messages that inspire and motivate others. His clients have been featured on TED, Goalcast, Upworthy, The Today Show, the Sundance Film Festival, and hundreds of podcasts.

Tucker was one of the first people I worked with in crafting the ideas and messaging behind the Language of Mindfulness TEDx talk and in fact was the person to say the words “language of mindfulness” to me which inspired the podcast, book, TEDx talk, and coaching practice. That’s what he does. Connect people to their passion, and mindfulness is a big part of that.

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You can hear more from Tucker with this recording from his presentation at the Women in Cloud conference at Microsoft, in Jan 2020.
Tucker Stine | Creating a Story that Sticks: Narrative Solutions · SlidesLive

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