“How do we be the people we need to be to have the conversations we need to have.” – Kern Beare

Hear this amazing story told first hand by our guest Kern Beare (pronounced ‘Berry’), who, in coming to grips with Trump’s election, decided he was out of touch with some new, unknown reality in America. In a dramatic leap of faith, he and his son packed up and headed out on a month-long road trip across the country. The purpose? To have conversations with people on the opposite end of his political beliefs. Listen in to hear the incredible story of what he discovered and how it resulted in a book and workshop that has touched thousands.

To help others learn what he learned from this journey, he created a book and workshop – “Difficult ConversationsThe workshop is free. That’s right free. Who does that? I can personally recommend the book as easy to read, inspiring, clear, and backed with neuroscience references on why we get triggered and how to create authentic connection with people holding divergent views.

His mission to help us connect, person-to-person and heart-to-heart, is more than just another workshop you can take – it provides a worthy model that can make a real difference, and we don’t have a lot of those right now. And surely, we need them. Timely. Powerful. Field-Tested, Relevant. And free. That’s pretty compelling.

Interested in contacting Kern? You can reach him and find the workshop schedule at:

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