Brett Hill

Certified Mindful-Somatic Coach, Podcast Host, & Coach Trainer

Rediscover and live a life empowered by authentic connection.


Meet Brett

Brett holds multiple certifications and is a registered hypnotherapist as well as an accomplished technologist. He was recognized by Microsoft with the prestigious “Most Valuable Professional award for 9 years. He authored two Microsoft Press books, taught courses, and spoke at technical conferences on stages worldwide for Microsoft and others.

He has a degree in interpersonal communication and founded the Quest  Institute for meditation in Dallas.

His true passion has been deeply exploring the “the inner journey,” where he sought out and studied with world-class teachers in mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy, group leadership, meditation, and others.

Now, he’s on a mission to support the unfolding and success of those who are called to mindfully help others.


In addition to training coaches and running a private practice. He is the host of The Connected Conversation podcast and co-founder of The Future is Mindful, an online conference focused on mindfulness in the workplace with keynote speakers including Tami Simon  – CEO of Sounds True, and others

  • Certified Somatic, Wellness, and Mindfulness Coach
  • Certified by International Coaching Federation Coach
  • Certified Mindfulness Facilitator by the Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness
  • Trained in Hakomi Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy by Founder Ron Kurtz
  • Trained in Matrix Leadership Training by founder Amina Knowlan
  • Trained in Attachment and Child States at Mindful Experiential Therapeutic Approaches in Portland, OR
  • Trained in Re-Creation of the Self by founder Jon Eisman
  • Contact Improvision Performance Group
  • Workshoped in Ecstatic Dance with Gabriel Roth
  • Graduate of Inner MBA by Sounds True
  • 9x Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and published author by Microsoft Press
  • Host of The Connected Conversation Podcast
  • Founder of The Quest Institute meditation center in Dallas



My Approach

Our world is too much too fast. There’s too much noise and not enough time to connect to how we really feel about our lives. The result is disconnection, burnout, and loneliness leaving us thirsty for connection to deep, sustaining meaning and purpose. 

My work is specifically designed to help people connect directly and deeply to deeper meaning and purpose in life. To embody this new, resilient self and then live and act from that place.  I use The Mindful Coach Method(tm), a method I developed based on my studies with great teachers in mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches to helping people.   This is not mindfulness traditional mindfulness. 

It’s a very gentle but powerful method that moves at your pace and on the issues you choose.  This work is at the level of “being” rather than “doing” because what you do flows from who you are and not the other way around.  When that is integrated into our lives, everything goes much, much, much better.