In this episode, I’m going to talk about a practice that can change your life. It’s simple, powerful and almost completely ignored. In fact, in our culture – ignoring this need is celebrated.

I’m talking about honoring transitions.

We are not binary systems.
Thinks of when you get hungry. It comes on over time, you eat, and then your hunger goes away over time. It’s not on/off.
We are organic systems, and our entire experience of life is governed by the rate of change in our chemistry. When you exercise, it takes time to recover. A machine is either off or on, but we are not machines. Yet our culture treats us as if we were. Think of the many examples of action movies where the main character is in a car wreck or explosion, and they just get up, and walk away. Someone says, “you ok” and they trough as nails “I’m so strong that not even a car wreck can knock me off my game,” a character says “I’m fine” and they go on to save the day as if nothing had happened.

We all know this is fiction, but this is portrayed a STRENGTH when in fact, ignoring the actual somatic impact of such an experience is exactly what leads to burnout and depression and aggravates PTSD. The culture does not celebrate sensitivity and creates clear boundaries around that.

The secret skill is that we all need to honor more is noticing transitions.
Small ones, lead to big ones.
This is a skill that will rock your world and will help you learn to draw healty boundaries and make better choices.

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