This episode is my heartfelt effort to ring a particular bell. The one that rings when something  important and urgent and needs your attention. A call to action. This week, it has come into high-resolution focus for me that mindful communications has the capacity to recast your life into a much more satisfying, connected, engaged, resilient, and calmer moment-to-moment life. And more. To live a life connected to the beauty and presence between us and the vast common ground of human experience. It has the power to build bridges made of the fabric of presence where none other can be built. What would your life be like, what would the world be like if we could all be more mindful and somewhat skillful in connecting authentically and communicating about what matters to us? To be heard, be seen, and have the capacity to be present for others. How would that change the choices we make as individuals and as a society? This is the promise of mindfulness plus communication skills. But even with that kind of potential, how much effort goes into learning how to use this instrument? The instrument of our brains, our neurology, our voice, our hearts. How and we tune and play that instrument to create something other than cacophony? If we can’t communicate well how can hope to address the big issues of our time such as racial issues, intensity about political differences, and poverty – much less manage a pandemic. Pretty much zero goes into these skills on a day-to-day basis in our culture. If we are going to thrive, and some might argue, survive, personally and culturally. That has to change.


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