Make no mistake, this basic practice can change your life.

Lots of people ask me “how do I get started with Mindfulness?” so I recorded this mindfulness meditation for you to use as a blueprint to get you started. In order to apply the communication practices I talk about at, you must first have a foundation in some kind of mindfulness practice. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take long to make a difference in your life. So why not try it? It matters and the science is in – mindfulness helps you in many ways, personally and professionally.

In episode 11, I discussed many of FAQs and such as “what is mindfulness”, “how often should I practice” and more. This episode is a guided mindfulness meditation to help you get started with a mindfulness meditation practice. This exercise is “foundational” and is the beginning of many more to come. Yes, it’s foundational, but it is superpowered. Like learning a C chord on a piano, you will use it a million times in your practice and it lays the foundation for many other lessons.

I’m planning on a series of these, each building on the other. If you’d like to find out when they are released, signup for the announcements at

Stay present!


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